Monday, December 17, 2018

This BLOG needs rEVAMP!

Yup! It needs major revamping!

3 weeks ago, I had an attempt to try out Adobe Photoshop. After watching endless half-way tutorial, I decided to stick to PowerPoint lol! So, you are going to bear the look and feel of this blog lol! I can only imagine my new blog but I have to admit, revamping needs courage and s whole new set of skills. Actually, I planned to hire a graphic designer to revamp, but after thinking, maybe it should be when my blog has started earning money. So... maybe, in the mean time, dream and dream harder.

Let it GOooo! Let it goooo!!

Gosh! I was reading my entries under the label of Housekeeping. I can't believe I had left blogging soooo  long that I haven't even written about Marie Kondo! Have you heard that method just yet? For me, it's the best method that works for me so far. It all started when I read reviews on the book. Yup, there are schools teaching housekeeping lol!

Anyway, if you wanna know more about Marie Kondo, you can start googling the method but what works best for me is when you have to start letting go of things that do not create spark! Simply pile up the things that you need to sort at one place. Yup, you heard me right! Pile up everything within the same category. The first category is BOOK which is quite hard for me because the Big Bad Wolf used to be my best friend and being an Ex-teacher makes me compile more and more books each year passed.

Moving on to the method, touch every single thing in the same category and if you do not feel anything sparky, just LET IT GO!

So far, it works like crazy because according to Marie Kondo, you will feel happier when surrounded by happy stuff. Try it! So far I have worked on Books, Clothings, and Baking Stuff. It feels easier letting go now but I do have a long list to go.. my sewing stuff (something I wish I can do but apparently sewing needs a whole lot more patience and courage lol) and a lot more!

I really hope I will be able to really declutter and eventually declutter my brain.Woo hoooo!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Ku Sahut Cabaran HannahSarah

Ahaaa!! Kenapa entry ni berbentuk santai? Ni lah puncanya..

Tq untuk Nina...jom kita sama sama memeriahkan semula blog kita. 

Sebenarnya dah lama dah macam mental block. Duduk depan skrin, terkebil-kebil, sudahnya tengok Youtube. Kalau dulu, masuk jer blog, tangan menari-nari dekat keyboard sampai lupa diri. Sekarang ni mata yang menari-nari, tengok sana, tengok sini, tapi tak tahu nak tulis apa..

Jadi sebagai cabaran untuk memeriahkan blog, Kita mulakan dengan satu entry santai... Harapnya, lepas ni datanglah kembali mood nak menulis. Tunggu yaaa.. kita kasi jari warm up dulu.

Thank you Hannasarah. Dah dua entry dah nampaknya.. Jommmmm...


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Do you Really Listen?

When we care about someone, we really think that we have the right to know every detail in that person's life especially when it involves huge decisions. Sometimes, we were not updated on the things and we get upset because we thought we deserve to know.

However, have you ever thought why people stop telling you about their life?

Try to imagine this. Someone you care most is telling you about issues at his workplace. Do you a) listen and try to figure out what happened? b) focus on his inner feelings about what is happening c) do you try to think how you can help?

Immediately after he told you everything, do you a) agree with whatever he says b) knows exactly what happens because you know him too well c) try to give solution or tips on how to solve the problem.

Most of the time, when people are sharing their problem, they are not that much concerned about how to deal with the problem. Imagine this. You have just told your friend about an issue you have at your office. Immediately after telling him, even before your friend comment on it, how do you feel? Relieved? Do you feel like the burden on your shoulder is a bit lighter?

Then, when your friend opens his mouth to comment. Depending on how your friend responded to your story, you will sometimes feel relieved that you have someone holding your back and sometimes you might feel unsatisfied as the solution that he gives is not what you expected. 

When you tell someone, it is more like getting if off your chest because it burdens you. 

So, why do you think people stopped telling you their issues?

Is it because you come to conclusion? Is it because without giving the opportunity to let them tell you their side  of their story, you have already 'know'. Or is it because you seem to miss some important points because you just hear what you want to hear.

The Hardest Time

At this point of time, I got stuck. I'm a jobless desperate housewife; a Jack of all trades. Not quite sure what I plan to do but I sure does create a commotion in my family when I quit my job. My dad has been calling me at quite a schedule time not more than a week apart. My brother invited me for dinner and spent more that 3/4 of the time interrogating me about my plan. My sister was not really happy with the crazy working hour in my previous job and my other sister is content with her life at the moment that she didn't notice I've been jobless lol!

A few years back, I realised I started using the phrase "This is the hardest year so far", the years passed by and every year I used the same phrase again and again. I realised that as I grow 'older', my test was getting harder. Anyway, this year I guess is the toughest yet so far. My hands were injured during job I had to quit my job which makes my injury a bonus because the working hours was crazy without any overtime claim. I had no commission because the total of my sales did not exceed my basic pay. Apparently what they offered during job interview was different from what they practised. My computer broke down and I had to choose my last pay to fix it so I can start working from than using the last pay to buy a new phone.

My right hand was numb while my left was in pain. There was no way I could work with my hands no matter what job I intend to do. The only part of me that was still working was my brain. I thought and I thought and I thought. The more I searched for jobs at Jobstreet, the more stressed I became. Then I understood. He wants me to take a break and think what I can do best. All my previous jobs were only part of my journey. The destination would come now. All I have to do is T.H.I.N.K. What do you think?

I notice that I tend to blink looking at

Friday, June 30, 2017

One Whole Week with Back Pain

It's raya. I have the whole week break. My parents are not at home and we can't go balik kampung since it will not fit the 7 of us in a car quite a long journey. Of course, I have planned a long list of things that I want to complete for the week. But what we planned is not always the plan. I kicked off raya with minor flu and end up with upper back pain. As a part time therapist, I have done all within my might to heal but this is my 6th day with back pain and there goes my break. I haven't tackled my paper clutter which I planned to do during the break and I have not sewn my herbal compress that I planned to make during raya.

I believe it is the raya stress that caused all of this pain. The inner raya pain somehow must have caused the physical pain. I guess it was a bit too heavy to carry. I never liked raya especially after I got married. I never knew raya is a bit thing. I got hurt the very first raya when my parents didn't even call me when I first celebrated my raya at my in laws. Well, you must wonder why I didn't call first as a daughter. But the truth is, I wondered whether or not my parents thought about me during the very first raya I was absent. It's really tiring just waiting for the CEO to decide where we are heading every raya. Of course if you love your husband for Him, this wouldn't be a big issue.

I know I'm not alone during raya. There are many wives who face the same thing. It is a big issue. If I publish this, I bet there will be comments saying not to humiliate my husband by sharing this. I bet many wives are screaming in their soul when it comes to raya.

So, how do I celebrate raya next year? Hopefully, not with a week back pain.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Berserhana, Elak Orang Jadi Meluat

Haaa.. Kan Rasulullah kata kita kena bersederhana. Masih dalam mode raya, makin lama, makin pelik posting orang sekarang. Ada yang posing sakan, makin ramai 'like' makin menjadi-jadi posingnya. Inilah trend sekarang:

1) kalau suami ala-ala ada affair 
Postingnya menunjukkan dia bahagia dengan suami. Muka suami punyalah ketat, muka dia muka bangga bahagia.The rest no comment la ya

2) Posing sana sini gaya model
Makin bertambah 'like' makin bertambahlah posingnya. Mula-mula posing biasa, lama-lama jadi luar biasa.

3) Hias rumah biasa-biasa
Tagline = deko rumah biasa-biasa aje.. sekali pos gambar. wallawehhhh! macam istana.

4) Masak simple-simple je
Ni pun lebih kurang macam deko rumah, sekali punya hidang 4-5 jenis penuh satu meja

5) Status Meroyan, bila tanya takmau jawab
Hmmm.. tak tahulah apa motif so no komen

6) Banyak lagi sebenornya.. kang sontap..
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